Ideas Bazaar

The fourth IdeasBazaar event -

The fourth IdeasBazaar event final result

The fourth IdeasBazaar event -

Result of audience vote in the fourth IdeasBazaar event

The fourth IdeasBazaar event -

Farid Malek Ahmadi – Solar box wrench

ideasbazaar in news agencies -

Commercialization of Selected ideasbazaar’s idea

Third ideabazaar's event -

Shima Soheyli – Polymer heat container packs

The first IdeasBazaar event -

Parham Malek Mohammadi Nouri – The sandwich in your own style

The first IdeasBazaar event -

Ashghar Gholami – phosphorescent keyboard label

The first IdeasBazaar event -

Amin Talaee Zadeh – Punching surgery cartridge

The first IdeasBazaar event -

Mahdi Araghi – Energy consumption optimization

The first IdeasBazaar event -

Mahdi Zareian – Smart gas leak system

About us

What do you know about us?

We are an event related to Amir kabir university, Tehran, What we do is , We support young creative folks to share their ideas and we help them find sponsors, Some one who helps them achieve their dreams.

We also hold festivals in different subjects from time to time and every body can send their ideas to us. we have prizes for best-rated ideas.

Holding events

Ideasbazaar's office , Hafez St. Summayeh Intersection, Industrial university of Amir Kabir , Tehran, Iran

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