First IdeasBazaar event report

This event was held on Saturday Esfand 3rd 1392 by scientific associations and Olympiad affairs in halls of Amir Kabir university of technology and with the purpose of increasing ability level and entrepreneurship and and students ideas spirits and also creating an effective connection between students and business and capital owners and it hosted 160 eager people about ideas and entrepreneurship.

IdeasBazaar event was designed and hold following the fourth round of 1 question 1 idea competition in which students were asked to present their ideas about running a stable and profitable business with 100 million rials.Following this competition question about 70 ideas were sent to academic communities and Olympiad affairs administration after assessing which , 10 ideas got the certification to attend the IdeasBazaar event. Referees from university, industry and market attended the first IdeasBazaar event to assess the ideas after their owners presented them.

In this event , at first , idea owner is given a 6 minute period to introduce their idea during which idea owner should justify their idea practically and economically .Afterwards, the audience is given 6 mintues to ask idea owners their question and hear the answer. At the end referees challenge the idea owner in 8 minutes.

After the ideas were presented referees were given a 15-minute break to sum up the points and at the end the owners of the three premier ideas were announced. The owners of premier ideas were awarded some awards by academic communities and Olympiad affairs administration and the event supporters which provides about 75% of expenses needed to run a successful business from their own idea.

The first IdeasBazaar event three premier ideas in the Amir Kabir University of Technology

Master of electrical engineering

Asghar Gholami

phosphorescent keyboard label The first idea
Master of Civil engineering Amir Hoossein Khalilian Pour Recycling stone factories wastage The second idea
Master of polymer engineering Parham Malek Mohammadi Nouri

The sandwich in your own style

The result of referees vote

The audience were asked about premier ideas as well. What follows is the result of the event audience votes: