The second IdeasBazaar event report

What is your idea for starting a stable and profitable business with below features?


-It returns the capital in at most 2 years

-In the third year , it’s going to have net income of 50 million tomans

ok  The first person :          20 million rials

ok  The second person :      15 million rials

ok  The third person :         10 million rials


 50 million rial gratuitous support of the best three ideas

(In the format of supporting central ideas , innovation and technology of Amir Kabir university academic communities administration unit plans)


Presenting and appreciating the best 10 premier ideas in the IdeasBazaar event.

sec-pooster1-small sec-pooster2-small

The second IdeasBazaar was held on Monday Mehr 26th 1393 by academic communities and Olympiad affairs administration in central amphitheater of Amir Kabir university of technology and with the purpose of gaining ability and entrepreneurship spirit and also effective and clear connection between students and business and capital owners.It hosted 300 people aspiring for ideas and entrepreneurship.

In this event 7 ideas in the format of oral presentation and 12 ideas in the format of presenting the posters were selected through 203 ideas sent to student academic communities and Olympiad affairs office of Amir Kabir university of technology.Each of the 7 selected thinkers for oral presentation were given a 6-minute opportunity to present their idea.In the end, presented ideas were rated by expert referees and the three premier ideas were selected.


Idea owner Rank

Mechanical surface cleaner

Amin Arab Moghaddam

The first second rank

National video game designing

Behrouz Arab Zadeh

The second second rank

Glove mouse

Farhad Safar Gholi

The third rank

The result of audience